Toolprotection Netting

Protection from all sides

Does this sound familiar?


You’ve just finished machining a work piece, and first damage already
threatens the surface during storage, transport or dispatch.

surface protection netting

POLY-NET® surface protection netting ensure you need have no worries about this. They provide comprehensive protection right from the production stage.

POLY-NET® surface protection netting wrap your products securely, and offer a safe protective shield.

Poly-Net - Tool Protection Netting


  • material: soft PE-LD
  • protection for sensitive surfaces and edges
  • unaffected by oils and greases customarily used in tool making and mechanical engineering applications
  • space-saving, simple storage
  • extremely durable
  • highly elastic, well-nigh unlimited snug fits
  • customized cut-to-size blanks for your own solutions
  • re-usable and recyclable