The foundation

Polyethylene thread

The foundation for the raschelnet is a very evenly polyethylene thread (HDPE monofilament). With the production of monofilament an Ultra Violet stabilizer is inserted thus obtaining the high UV resistance and extend product life.

Ostend Net

A Ostend Net is manufactured by "raschel knitting technique". Thousands of filaments are brought together and knitted to form a non-fraying and durable net. Thanks to this "hook-nit" technique, nets can be made in many different structures: from fine- to large open-mesh netting, in square but also in rectangular meshes and many other mesh variations.



Extrusion is in fact the beginning of every product, whether it concerns garden nets manufactured from extruded threads or packaging nets where the threads are the final product. A variety of resins is used to produce distinct product characteristics, the weights, mesh size, thickness of the strands are controlled to produce specific physical properties.