Packaging nets

Packaging Nets

We supply a wide range of Plastic Netting, Packaging Nets and Tubular Netting.

NET BAGS - Cut Length - Sealed One End

Netting available as follows:

  • Knitted PE or Cotton yarns, supplied according to your preference in sleeves, bales or rolls
  • Extruded PE netting, which adapts to the shape of the product (for onions, garlic, potatoes, nuts), and is supplied on rolls.

Wide selection:

  • For 250 gr -5 kg of product
  • For automatic packaging or hand clippers
  • In various sizes and qualities
  • In various colours

Wineglass labels

Thermal / Non-Thermal Wine Glass Labels
Thermal / Non-Thermal Wine Glass Labels

Thermal / Non-Thermal Wine Glass Labels

Wineglass labels and ribbons offer a great opportunity to include essential information including product details, weight, bar code and relevant dates. They can also be used to communicate special offers and promotions or to complement any on-pack information.

The front of the wineglass label can contain a variety of pre-printed information. The reverse can be constructed from thermal material to print mandatory information (packaging date, best before... and so on).

Wineglass labels are available in various sizes. Printed ribbon is available in a range of sizes from 12mm to 30mm widths. Both can be printed in up to ten colors and supplied with various levels of protection against condensation and moisture.