Poly-Net filter tubes

Poly-Net filter tubes

Our products excel above all:

  • By their absolute resistance to corrosion
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Lightweight

Types of material:

  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE): temp. resistant up to approx. 80 ºC
  • Polypropylene (PP): in special cases temp. resistant up to 120 ºC. Other types of material can be delivered when ordered with certain quantities

Filter tubes

Filter tubes
Diameter 7 - 235 mm
Perforation size varies from 7,5 - 13 mm
Lengths standard lengths of 1 m, 2 m or 4 m, other lengths upon request

Special design

If your requirements call for tubes other than standard, we are prepared to discuss with you details such as tube diameter, perforation size, material and colour. Prototypes and pilot series are being charged at cost.

Filter media

Filter media

Circular woven filter tubes are seamless weaved sleeves adapted to the diameter of the filter tubes. Divers types of materials like PE, PES or PA are possible. The mesh varies from 5 mu to 1500 mu. Other yarns, Nomex, PVDF, Kevlar etc. can be woven (multifilament monofilament and spun) in a variety of constructions.

Support netting

Support netting is an elastic Polyethylene seamless tube, varying in diameter from 7 - 350 mm.


  • Industrial and chemical
  • Filtering lubricating and cutting oils
  • Treatment of industrial domestic water
  • Anti-pollution filters for dyestuffs, paper industries, etc.
  • Beverage-/foodindustrie