Dust reduction

Dust reduction

A Netco fine-meshed net is the foundation for every kind of screen. Thanks to the reinforced eyelets, the fine-meshed raschelnet becomes connected to the designed construction using tightening cables.


With a lot of companies, who provide in storage and transhipment of powder sensitive materials demands are being set because of environment reasons, which serve to prevent dust nuisance in the environment and the pollution of surface water.



Anti-litter controls costs councils more than it should. In time and money. Site litter control is an important, emotive issue. Something can be blown about with even a minimal wind-force. Netco has a complete anti-litter system:

  • Light and easy to handle
  • A nuisance due to rubbish in the neighbourhood can be prevented

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Anti-litter systems are available in several designs:

  • Light and movable like the ones used on dumping sites
  • Mounted on existing constructions like quay walls near environmental parks
  • Can be tailored precisely to your needs