Clipmachines & Packners

Machines for closing tubular net closing or other tubular bags

Netco FT12 Packaging Machines


  • Fastener head angled at 30°, with
    adjustable height from 0,065 m to 0,565 m
    from work surface
  • Fastener closure can be adjusted
  • Fastener loading capacity: 740 sets or
    fasteners for 740 bags
  • Machine weight: 38 kg
  • Wide range of funnel sizes available
    (sold separately)
  • Speed:
    Mechanical FT12: 300-400 net bag/hour
    Pneumatic  FT12: 600-800 net bag/hour
  • Air pressure required: 5 bar/70 lbs.
  • Air consumption: 4,5 dm³/cycle at 6 bar/85 lbs.

Uses FT12 fasteners

Netco Packner HR-PS 2


This clipping machine (table model) is ideal for anyone
who starts with the first netpacking.
This machine makes a strong and professional seal.

All you have to do is pull down the handle tightly, and
you get a seal with 711VO-AR aluminium staples.