The process

Ostend Net is manufactured according by "raschel" knitting technique. Thousands of filaments are brought together and knitted to form a highly stable and durable material to resist the action of the elements. A host of different net constructions can be produced, from ultra fine mesh to various shapes of large open mesh netting.

Ostend Net windbreak

Ostend Net windbreak

Why install windbreaks?
There are a number of advantages to be gained from erection of windbreak:

  • Primilary, the purpose is to prevent physical damage to plants such as wind scarring, broken branches and fruit and blossom losses
  • In addition, a windbreak slows evaporation meaning more efficient use of water
  • It raises soil temperature meaning crops ripen earlier/ plants grow better
  • The plants are shielded from the wind, storm and the cold "wind chill factor"

The height of the Ostend Net windbreak determines the depth of the area where the wind will be reduced. Beyond that distance, the wind gradually returns to its original speed although free from major turbulence.

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Ostend Net shadow net

Ostend Net shadow net

How does shade net work?
Every plant has its own individual requirements for sunlight and shade under which it flourishes at its best. By providing the right balance with the correct grade of shade net, the optimum climate conditions are created under which the plant's productivity is maximised. This results in:

  • Photosynthesis is enhanced
  • Extremes of air and soil temperatures are reduced and moderated
  • Plant leaf temperatures are lowered to the same level as surrounding air temperature which improves the productivity of the plant

Useful by-products are:

  • Reducing evaporation of soil moisture
  • Shade net provides a physical barrier against hail and heavy rain

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Ostend Net bird-/hail net

Ostend Net bird-/hail net

Ostend Net bird-/hail net:

  • Prevent birds from flying in and becoming entangled
  • Best protection against bird for fruit and seeds
  • Strong lightweight net with a minimal shade effect
  • Slightly reduces wind speed and last for years

Characteristics Ostend Net

  • Is made from High Density Polyethylene monofilament
  • With an added U.V. stabiliser and a reinforced eyelet system for better fastening
  • Widths: 1,0 - 1,5 - 2,0 - 3,0 m
  • Lengths: 50 - 100 m. other lengths to special order
  • Colours: standard black, green

Netco bi-axial orientated

Netco bi-axial orientated nets have distinctive characteristics:

  • Great strengths
  • Light in weight
  • Large diversity in measurements
  • Durable

Applications: bird net, hail net, pond net, etc.