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Packaging nets
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The first extruded net - in 1959 - was used as a net for oranges. Poly-Net became a household word and still is when it comes to "quality net"-packaging. Taking it step for step, the heavy Poly-Net protects products with highly finished surfaces against impact and abrasion, technical netting, filter netting, filters until the light but extremely strong bi-axial stretched netting were the final result. 1980 was the year that "rascheled" nets were introduced in the Netherlands. Ostend Net's first successes were made with fine mesh shade and windbreak netting along with open mesh hail and bird netting.

The applied "raschel technique" (hook-knit) was not entirely new; manufacturing nets with a built-in attachment system, the reinforced eyelet was.

Besides the application in the agricultural sector, Ostend Net has a widespread of applications in other sectors, like traffic (anti-dazzle screens), sport (tennis and ice tracks), environment (dust / sand shields), safety fencing, etc.

Specialisation in "net" means, that we have an extensive base program with many application possibilities.

This information intends nothing else than to give a general picture of our company and what we are capable of doing for you.